One way to avoid being beaten to death

Here is another item I am adding to John Derbyshire’s list of things to avoid doing in order to avoid being harmed or killed by blacks (here is his list plus my additions):

10(n) If you are walking along a street, and a car with black males in it almost runs you over, do not yell out, “Hey, watch where you’re going!”

Twenty-three-year-old Christopher Kernich and his friends, walking along Main Street in Kent, Ohio in November 2009, had not received and did not heed this advice. When a car almost ran them over, one of them yelled out, “Hey, watch where you’re going!” The car stopped and two blacks got out and beat Kernich to death.

Now I’m sorry to be monotonous, really I am, but I cannot refrain from asking the questions I have asked so many times before. If John Derbyshire had published the above piece of advice in an article at Taki’s Magazine, would Rich Lowry have said that it was “nasty and indefensible” and that it amounted to a letter of resignation from National Review? Would Andrew McCarthy have backed Lowry and said that Derbyshire’s advice violated the Christian and American ethos of treating all people as individuals regardless of race?

Which leads to another question: If Andrew McCarthy had a 20 year old son, would he advise him not to yell out, “Hey, watch where you’re going!” to a group of blacks in such a situation?

Or, in the interests of treating all humans as individuals without regard to race, would he tell his son not to say it to anyone, of any color, even though white people do not beat white people to death for saying “Watch where you’re going”; only blacks do that?

Or would tell his son nothing, and figure his son had the inborn wisdom to handle himself in all situations?

And here is the larger question that I feel Mr. Mccarthy owes it to the conservative reading public to answer, since he supported the dismissal of Derbyshire: Does he think it is always immoral and un-Christian to advise whites how to avoid black violence, or does he think it’s immoral in some circumstances, and not in others? And if the latter, what is the line he draws between moral and immoral advice?

Mr. McCarthy has not been able to reply to my queries, as he is finishing a book. I look forward to his answer when the time is right.

And by the way, the two blacks who beat Christopher Kernich to death did not come from the ghetto, but from suburban Shaker Heights, Ohio, model town of racial integration.

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