Gen. Casey commends diversity of Fort Hood victims

(Note: this entry is a parody.)

Carol Iannone writes:

Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey, sporting a Santa Claus hat during a Christmas visit to U.S. troops in Germany, said that as bad as the Fort Hood massacre was, Americans should be proud of the ethnic and gender diversity of the victims. He said that although most of the slain were white males, there was a representative selection of females and minorities among the thirteen dead. “What other army can claim such an array of targets in any random act of violence perpetrated against itself?”, Casey asked. “And for that matter, where else could a shooter find such a diverse array of victims to kill?”

Casey cautioned that the Fort Hood massacre victim roster was a long way from full proportional representation of our country’s diversity. However, he insisted that we are well on the way toward providing the enemy with terrorist-attack body counts that look like America.

Also, when asked why he did not make a Christmas visit to the troops in Iraq or Afghanistan instead of Germany, Casey said that wearing a Santa Claus hat in those countries would be an offense to Islam.

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Rick Darby writes:

Carol Iannone’s news report is a parody … isn’t it?

“Uncle Sam wants YOU (if you’re a woman, differently abled, minority, or gay-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual) for a more diverse casualty list!”

LA replies:

Of course it’s a parody.

Edward writes:

I presume the remarks attributed to General Casey is a joke or some type of parody or whatever. No one in his right mind would take pride in the diversity of the dead at Fort Hood or decide not to go to Iraq or Afghanistan because Santa Claus might offend Moslems. Tell me it ain’t so “Shoeless Joe Jackson.”

Anna writes:

I would suggest stating up front when an item is a parody. Unfortunately, too many real news items seem like a parody.

LA replies:

We’ve had this issue before. I guess you’re right. It didn’t occur to me that people wouldn’t realize it was a parody, but it should have.

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