Paul, McCain, and Palin

Janet Levy, an anti-Islamization activist, sent this to her e-mail list:

Sarah Palin endorsed Rand Paul and John McCain.

Rand Paul has (1) opposed the Patriot Act, (2) supported cutting U.S. military spending, (3) endorsed the shutting down of GITMO, and (4) called for banning harsh interrogation of Muslim terrorists. Rand Paul has also suggested that U.S. intervention in the Middle East was the cause of the Muslim attacks on America on 9-11. (Paul’s father, Ron Paul, wants to end ALL foreign aid to Israel and see the United States sever its alliance with Israel. He has denounced the pro-Israel lobby on Capital Hill, but NOT the Saudi lobby. The elder Paul is also a staunch critic of military action against Iran).

Now, let’s look at John McCain’s record:

(1) He’s an open borders/amnesty advocate who pushed legislation that would encourage illegal immigration

(2) He stated that Justice Alito is “too conservative”

(3) He’s a global warming dupe who introduced economy-killing “cap and trade” legislation

(4) He voted against the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and derided them as being for the “rich”

(5) He favors constitutional rights for Islamic terrorists, closing GITMO and the elimination of ‘enhanced’ interrogation techniques for enemy combatants

(6) He headed the ‘Gang of 14’ to filibuster Bush’s judicial nominees

(7) He suppressed political speech with McCain-Feingold

(8) He opposed drilling in ANWR and demonized the oil (and drug) companies

(9) He slandered the truth-telling Swift Boat veterans as “dishonest and dishonorable”

And, I’m just getting started!

Additional Information on McCain, Paul and Palin

Both McCain and Paul oppose personhood legislation and a federal life and marriage amendment.

Palin placed a Planned Parenthood executive on the Alaska Supreme Court.

Palin vetoed legislation that would have banned government benefits for same-sex couples.

Janet Levy

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Roger G. writes:

I don’t know Ron Paul’s stand on Israel. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s hostile.

I am a fanatical Zionist, and I oppose absolutely all U.S. government aid to Israel. It buttresses their socialism. It allows them to avoid actions essential to their survival—deporting all Muslims, and taking whatever steps are necessary against Islamic countries. And if you’re going to be a nation, be a nation. Six million Jews ought to be able to generate enough brainpower and energy so as not to need handouts.

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