My profound thanks to Kristor for organizing and to my other friends, including those who have never met me, for participating in the group vigil yesterday. It has been a unique privilege to be the object of the concern and the prayers of so many.

As of now, there is no indication that a healing has occurred, though, for all we know, it may have started and not manifested yet. The intestinal problems continue. I may decide soon to go into a hospital. This would be necessary both to get further pain relief and to get further examinations, since setting up private consultations with doctors has been moving with glacial slowness. For example, a G.I. doctor my oncologist referred me to last Friday (who is the second G.I. specialist I will have seen) cannot see me until this coming Thursday. This suffering has now been going on for three weeks, and the cause of the intestinal dysfunction is still not known. If I check into a hospital, I assume the care would move with more dispatch.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 14, 2013 12:19 PM | Send

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