What’s it all about, Kelly?

The tortured and tortuous life of former movie star Kelly McGillis, from a violent rape by two black thugs in her Manhattan apartment 30 years ago (for which one of the rapists served three years and then committed a similar rape), to her sudden departure from Hollywood and stardom 20 years ago, to her recent lesbian “marriage,” is told in the Mail. There are so many twists, loose ends, and disturbing facts in this story that there is no way to sum it up or perhaps even, after further thought, to make sense of it.

P.S. Of course, the Mail doesn’t tell us that the rapists were black. It also doesn’t include photos of them, as it often helpfully does in such stories. How then do I know? The name of the only named rapist is Leroy Johnson.

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Mark Jaws writes:

Wow! What ever happened to that stunning beauty from the 1980s who caused my heart to skip a beat or two when I watched the movie “Witness?” Well, you know what Mark Jaws says - “Beauties who booze it up today, become the frumps of tomorrow.”

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