Are white women who mate with blacks hypocrites?

Ian T. writes:

In keeping with this week’s theme of miscegenation and its significant drawbacks [see this, this, and this], I wanted to make a point I rarely see anyone touch on: the hypocrisy of female racemixers.

Take Doutzen Kroes, the beautiful Dutch supermodel who does campaigns for L’Oreal and Victoria’s Secret. She’s married to an African man and had his child a few months ago. Now, if you asked Doutzen which of her features she most favors, she would probably mention her sky-blue eyes, her silky blonde hair etc. These characteristics, passed down for thousands upon thousands of years, are completely destroyed by her selfish desire to miscegenate not just with some other race, but the human group that’s most different from us in every measurable way. The very qualities that have made her an international supermodel are now lost in the mix and won’t be passed down to her children.

To compound this further, Doutzen sees herself as the spokeswoman for the Frisian people of North West Europe. She works to preserve the language, culture and so on. Just where marrying a Bantu African and bearing his children fits in with the preservation of her Volk’s heritage, you’d have to ask her.

If I could summarize the modern, young racemixer in one word, it would be “hypocrite.” They either cannot see or willfully ignore the fact they’re working destroy the ethereal qualities which made black men covet them in the first place.

Here’s a long thread on the hypocrisy of Doutzen Kroes that some of your readers might find interesting.

LA replies:

But most white female race mixers are obviously not promoters of, let alone spokesmen for, the culture of white people. So, while Kroes may be arguably a hypocrite, I don’t see that race-mixing white women in general are hypocrites. They don’t give a damn about the white race, and they are behaving in accord with their beliefs. Far from being hypocritical, they are consistent liberals.

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