Just no end to those radical extreme militant jihadi Islamists

Here’s an e-mail I’ve sent to the editors of Investors Business Daily. I’ve said the same thing numerous times to various conservative writers, but I’m not giving up.

In your editorial, “Holder’s Got to Go,” you write:

“Fact is, the U.S. is being probed by radical Islamist terrorists, some homegrown, for a major attack. A big reason for that is they think we’re weak. Someday they’ll succeed.”

I question your use of the phrase, “radical Islamist terrorists.” The word “Islamist” was adopted to distinguish radical or ideological Muslims from moderate or ordinary Muslims. If you say, “radical Islamist terrorists,” you are implying that there is such a thing as moderate Islamist terrorists. I hope you see the absurdity of this.

I personally don’t use the term Islamist at all; I just say Islamic. But if you are going to say Islamist, then you must not keep adding further qualifying adjectives to it, or the result is an ever increasing political correctness. To say, “Islamist terrorists,” is sufficient to your purpose of not associating Islam itself with terrorism. To say, “radical Islamist terrorists,” is the mark of a brain that is not thinking about the meaning of the words it is using.

Thank you.

Lawrence Auster
View from the Right

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