The collapse of Deval Patrick and what it may indicate about whites

James N. writes:

There is an article the July 29 Boston Globe recounting the collapse of Deval Patrick’s popularity in the Empire of White Guilt and Political Correctness, formerly known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The similarities between Patrick and Obama are striking. Both are (probable) affirmative action “academics,” who received honors from Harvard, thus validating them to the public. Patrick then had a series of government or affirmative action jobs where he had no meaningful executive experience (he was chairman, for example, of Texaco’s “Equality and Fairness Task Force”) Obama skipped the work part, of course. Both of them were then rocketed into high office by white guilt voters. As I wrote to you in 2006, many of those voters were incoherent in expressing their reasons for supporting Patrick.

Here is my comment from 2006:

Barack Obama is, of course, the wildly popular first-term U.S. Senator from Illinois. He is said to be “like a rock star.” There is talk of him running for President—in 2008! He “self-identifies” as black, although his mother is white. His politics are far to the left of even the Illinois electorate, but that does not seem to matter.

Deval Patrick is the black multimillionaire running for governor of Massachusetts. He’s a lawyer who was a Clinton Justice Department appointee. His major positions—more regulation, favoring illegal aliens over U.S. citizens and green card holders for benefits, massive public spending—are opposed by 65 percent-70 percent majorities of Massachusetts voters in polls. Nevertheless, he’s leading 2-1 in most polls and his election is a foregone conclusion.

Harold Ford, Jr. is the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, for an open Republican seat. Despite the fact that Bush has won his state twice, that the seat in question has been Republican for the last five terms, and that Ford’s family is mired in political scandal, he has an excellent chance to win.

What ties these three “new wave” politicians together is that they are blacks who are winning, or who will win, with a huge share of the white vote, EVEN THOUGH THEIR POSITIONS ARE OPPOSED BY LARGE WHITE MAJORITIES.

I think that this is because of a new form of white guilt. Call it “third-generation” white guilt. These whites never did anything bad to blacks, and neither did their parents. In Illinois and Massachusetts, their grandparents were liberals.

But I think they are guilty over what they think of blacks RIGHT NOW. It’s a deep, dark secret. Nobody knows. Wives don’t even tell husbands. They behave very well. They hire blacks into unimportant jobs. They enroll their children in “active anti-racism” programs. But they are still GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY—of thoughtcrime.

Listen to the wife of an out-of-work union plasterer in Massachusetts. She says her husband is unemployed because illegal aliens are doing all the work. Deval Patrick wants to facilitate and to protect from Federal action illegal aliens, But she’s voting for Deval Patrick. Why. “He is so well-spoken.”

Well spoken compared to what? To nigg*, that’s what. She’s voting for Deval Patrick because she thinks blacks don’t speak well, and she feels guilty because she thinks that.

America doesn’t need Republicans. She needs a psychiatrist.

[end of 2006 comment]

In the collapse of Patrick among the guilty whites who elected him, we see a hope for a future collapse of Obama, Whether this presages a more widespread awakening, who knows? But it is, at least, a light at the end of the tunnel.

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