Scandalous conduct in Secret Service much more widespread than previously thought

Aditya B. writes:

Even the most cautious analysis of this report must lead to the conclusion that there is something rotten in one of the more elite police agencies of the federal government.

Could there be a racial angle to this development? We discussed that possibility with regard to the agency scandal in Colombia. Is increased misbehavior directly proportional to increased black and Mestizo recruitment? Will the agency ever release the names and photos of the agents involved in these lawless acts?

If they don’t, it may be appropriate to draw an adverse inference and conclude and the offenders are disproportionately black and Mestizo. If they weren’t, their pale faces would be splashed all over the trashy Daily Mail and other scandal sheets.

Every day I feel it’s deja vu all over again. I am experiencing everything that I had hoped to leave behind in India. Unqualified personnel who exact vengeance upon their betters; cronyism; politicians living and acting like tsars; make-work jobs; erosion of standards in virtually every endeavor; and so on and so forth ad nauseam.

I almost feel like going back. What’s the point of living here if America is going to turn into a socialist Third-World mobocracy? At least in India, I’m in the majority.

I feel what Aditya is saying. Hating Indian socialism and corruption, and loving America in the true sense of the word (i.e., not as an abstract universal idea, nor as a mere source of commodities and personal opportunities, but as a concrete country that he loved for itself), he chose to be an American. And now he realizes that the country he loves is turning into everything he hates, and he, an adoptive American, finds himself experiencing the same anguish and sense of loss that we native-born Americans are experiencing.

Here is the New York Post article that Aditya sent:

Secret Service’s 229-page log reveals agents’ porn, wiretap, embezzlement and drunken misdeeds
Last Updated: 6:43 AM, June 16, 2012

It went way beyond hookers.

Secret Service agents and officers have been accused of leaking sensitive information, publishing porn, sexual assaults, illegal wiretaps, embezzlement and drunkenness on duty, according to a 229-page log released yesterday.

After a prostitution scandal in April, when agents consorted with hookers while preparing for President Obama’s arrival in Colombia, Service Director Mark Sullivan apologized. But he said it was an isolated case, not a “systemic issue.”

However, the log, which the Service Service released yesterday after news organizations requested it under the Freedom of Information Act, shows a pattern of misdeeds dating back to 2003.

In one 2005 incident, a drunken agent was yanked from his role as the “detail leader” for a team assigned to protect the visiting president of the Dominican Republic.

Another agent, with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit, was arrested in Los Angeles after driving into a ditch.

And in January 2011, police in New York arrested an investigative support assistant on charges of sexual abuse. The records do not list an outcome for the case.

Although the names were left out and the log was heavily censored, it provided ammunition for critics who say the Secret Service is out of control.

In an August 2011 incident, an employee was accused of pushing a woman who also worked for the agency onto a bed during a work trip. The employee “got on top of [censored] attempting to have sex,” even though the woman “told [censored] ‘no’ several times.”

The entry noted that supervisors described the accused as “a conscientious and dependable employee.” The incident was closed with an “administrative disposition” in February.

They also included an anonymous complaint in October 2003 that a Secret Service agent “may have been involved with a prostitution ring.” It noted that two telephone numbers belonging to the agent, who has since retired, turned up as part of an FBI investigation into a prostitution ring.

In addition, in 2005, an employee was reported to the Washington field office for being arrested on a charge of solicitation in a park.

In 2008, an on-duty uniform-division officer was arrested in a Washington prostitution sting. The officer, who was driving a marked Secret Service vehicle at the time, was placed on administrative leave, the records show.

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