More on Mark (“let it all hang out”) Sanford’s interview

Maria!! … Say it loud and there’s music playing … Say it soft and it’s almost like praying … Maria … I’ll never stop saying Maria!

That’s the response of a commenter (quoting the musical West Side Story) to the New York Daily News article about the audio tapes of Gov. Sanford’s AP interview (see discussion here):

In addition to detailing his past lusts and loves, however, the tapes revealed Sanford to be a big ol’ crybaby.

“Though we both know how impossible our distances are, how different our lives are, all those different things we know in my professional work, my family, all those different things,” a clearly emotional Sanford told The AP, “I will be able to die knowing … “

Here the governor broke into heaving sobs before stammering ” … that I had met my soul mate.”


His behavior led some to wonder aloud whether Sanford, in addition to falling in love, may also have fallen off the deep end.

“People don’t give those kind of interviews knowing that the whole world is going to be listening in,” Republican state Sen. Larry Martin said of Sanford’s revealing interview with The AP.

“I just don’t think he’s being very rational,” Martin added in comments to ABC News. “I think it’s indicative of some serious issues on his part, emotional [and] mental health-wise.”

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Bill Carpenter writes:

He should have either kept his mouth shut, or done the honorable thing. He has no clue about manhood.

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