The heteronormativity that still dominates American national politics

I turned on the TV late last evening and saw the last couple of minutes of the woman who introduced “America’s First Lady.” It was all about, “She’s a mom, and I’m a mom,” and “Barack and Michelle care about me and my family, so I care about them.” Then I saw the first few minutes of Michelle Obama’s speech. She was talking in extravagant detail about her first date with the future President, and the audience was eating it up.

Then it occurred to me. Is it fair that heterosexual married couples who are in the White House or are running for the White House get to share with the entire, rapt country the cute details of their personal relationship, while homosexual couples are deprived of that privilege? Clearly, America will not be a decent and just country until there is a homosexual President, and at the convention which nominates him for a second term, the First Partner tells the country about his first date with the future president.

Until there is true marriage equality in this country, this national boasting about happy heterosexual marriages must stop!

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 05, 2012 11:17 AM | Send

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