The wages of traditionalism

It looks as though Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife is triggering the same sort of response in some readers that I regularly set off in certain quarters. Laura, according to a commenter who identifies herself as a Christian, is a monstrous tyrant, an evil freak who tries to crush everyone who doesn’t agree with her, who hates everything that is not herself.

Here is the comment by Paula S. at Laura’s site:

I am absolutely astonished by how blatantly rude and judgmental all of your posts are. I am a wife and mother and I must say your posts are horrifying, you talk of all the lunatics and dismay in this world, but you are one of them!! Your posts are sick, knocking single moms, military moms and other women who do not share the EXACT beliefs as you!! I am a Christian, and I just cannot see how anyone who has any claim to be god-like can spread the animosity and hatred of others that you spread! It sickens me to know that my daughter has to grow up in a world with people like you in it, your hatred runs deep in your blood. Maybe its because you are so unsatisfied with your own life, maybe its jealousy. Who knows!! I will pray for you and hope that God can show you some guidance in your life and show you how to accept people for who they are.

See Laura’s reply.

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