Wilders in New York

I heard Geert Wilders speak today at a luncheon in New York hosted by the Hudson Institute. It was the first I had seen him in person, and he’s very impressive. I’ll have more to write about this later. Also, there was a showing of Fitna, which is much more powerful on a big screen than on YouTube.

Wilders will be on the Glenn Beck program at 5 p.m. today, and on the O’Reilly program in the evening.

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Bill Carpenter writes:

You have adverted to his underlying liberalism. I have noticed that the classical liberals who are the leading lights of the Brussels Journal are quite open to the articulation of non-liberal conservative cultural values and laws that are necessary for classical liberalism to be able to function and play its rile. There are also non-liberal principles such as the legitimate existence of peoples and nations that are built into classical liberalism. Thus when we see a major liberal like Wilders lapse into liberal universalism, we should not despair as his liberalism but instead attempt to articulate for him the difference between a classical liberalism that is just a whistlestop short of universal egalitarianism, and a classical liberalism that allows the particular nation, with its own identity, culture and history, to reach its highest potential in freedom, justice, and prosperity.

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