What happened to tin soldiers?

The issues are getting too weird for comment: the Libertarian Party is conducting a “Guns for Tots” program in Harlem to protest proposed legislation banning all toy guns, while the Village Voice notes that war toys being sold in Easter baskets often feature soldiers with light-colored hair.
Posted by Jim Kalb at March 06, 2003 08:43 AM | Send

It is strange that the NYLP NEEDS to conduct such a program for children to have access to toy weapons. For 35+ years, there has been a war on boyhood by the Frankfurt-School taught educrats and press.
Playfighting is a part of being a boy. Not allowing the proper venting of this impulse creates a destroyed culture. Some men are emasculated, while other no longer know what it is to be a man and act like perpetual violent adolecents.

Children play-fighting is an example of the natural and historical traditions that conservatives should support against the would-be Jacobins.

Posted by: Ron on March 8, 2003 12:57 AM

I agree there’s something basically crazy about trying to do away with toy guns for little boys.

I think there’s a sort of general abolition of common sense that makes people view any recognition that violence (or sex differences, or race, or whatever) has any place at all in human life as equivalent to making violence or whatever the universal principle that defines everything.

It seems to me putting GI Joe into an Easter basket also shows a gross lack of common sense. And I have to question the LPs good sense in their giveaway, although I can understand the shock-the-bourgeoisie appeal of the concept.

Posted by: Jim Kalb on March 8, 2003 2:04 PM
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