Mob of 20 to 40 raceless teens randomly assault random pedestrians of unspecified race in Philadelphia’s Center City

I think we’re finally starting to understand what that mysterious phrase “post-racial America” really means. It means a country of daily racial wildings, daily racial flash mobs, daily racial mayhem—with absolutely no mention of race, and also with absolutely no mention of intent, since the attacks are all “random,” like the Brownian motion of dust particles. The systematic erasure—from police announcements, news reports, and public speech—of all group descriptions and of any notion of human intent when it comes to certain classes of spontaneous group manifestations is a remarkable historical achievement of which we should all feel very proud indeed.

The latest random raceless event is reported in the Philadelphia Daily News.

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Robert B. writes:

Maybe those violent teens in Philly are actually doing us all a favor. Who can possibly feel sorry for a bunch of white people that have sunk this low?

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