Is PC the main problem?

Don B. writes:

I believe that political correctness is the cancer that is destroying our nation because it is essentially “a right not to be offended.” This is a restriction on only one side of the political spectrum. The only way to end this is for conservative politicians and leaders to unite and stand before the country and declare that they will no longer recognize this right. What are your views on this problem?

LA replies:

I think that PC is not the main problem. Rather, PC is an aspect of liberalism, which is the main problem.

See my article: George MacDonald Fraser, the ruin of Britain, and the possibility of true resistance to liberalism [How criticizing political correctness is inadequate. We must understand what liberalism is, what liberals really believe in and seek, how they seek the destruction of tradition, then by standing for tradition we stand against liberalism.]

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Roger Kimball’s pointless criticisms of the cultural left [According to Kimble, the ongoing destruction of our culture is the result of “bending over backwards to mollify multicultural sensitivities,” it’s a “linguistic absurdity,” and it makes him “sick.” He has neither an explanation of why it’s happening nor an intellectual or practical response to it.]

The real “PC” [My 1991 speech at FAIR. PC is not the problem, but the liberal democratic belief system—accepted by conservatives—of which PC is the symptom.]

Don B. replies:

Thanks for your response. I read your site daily. I wish we had elected officials who think like you.

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