The entirety of organized humanity comes crashing down on Terry Jones, cont.

Diana West sums up the astonishing acts that have been taken against Terry Jones’s Dove World church by the municipal government of Gainesville, Florida, by the banking industry, by the Internet, by the mainstream media, and by the organized politically correct consciousness of the United States of America and the totality of liberal humankind:

City of Gainesville has denied the church a burn permit.

RBC Bank has called in its mortgage on the property, meaning that there is now a limited time to pay it off.

Cotton All-Lines Insurance has canceled its commercial insurance policy on the church property, which puts the mortgage into immediate default.

Dove World’s internet provider Rackspace shut down the Dove World church website.

And AP has announced it will not distribute images of the Koran burning, based on AP’s policy under which it “has often declined to provide images, audio or detailed descriptions of particularly bloody or grisly scenes, such as the sounds and moments of beheadings and shootings, displays of severed heads on pikes and images of hostages who are displayed by hostage-holders in an effort to intimidate their adversaries and advance their cause.”

As Diana points out, the AP’s policy puts the legal burning of a book on private property on the same level as such unspeakable acts of evil as the beheading of Nick Berg and the beheading of Daniel Pearl.

The above is an abridgment of Diana’s post. Read the whole thing.

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