The empty lives of Republican partisans

John “GOP Hack” Hinderaker writes at We Want a Line to Power:

It is, of course, way too early to get cocky. But Republicans have to be happy with the way current polling is going. In this morning’s tracking poll at Rasmussen Reports, Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by a stunning 50%-42%.

All this excitement over an eight-point lead, in one poll, THREE AND A HALF MONTHS before the nominating conventions, and SIX MONTHS before the election. At best, it’s ostensible adults spending their lives in cheerleading; at worst, it’s a form of mental illness. Polls change constantly and just don’t mean that much this far before an election: let us remember that in early summer 1988 Michael Dukakis had a 17 point lead over George Bush the elder, which proceeded to evaporate. And be assured, when other polls come out showing Obama narrowing Romney’s lead or leading Romney, John Hackeraker and the rest of the “The GOP is my entire life” pundits will fall silent, until some other polls show Romney ahead again, and then they will get all excited again. They don’t seem to care about anything substantive in the universe; they just live for that rush.

UPDATE, May 13: Here’s a typical example of a Republican living for that rush—Hugh Hewett. His giddily triumphant column even includes the line, “The president’s in a political free fall.” For three years Republicans have been saying that Obama is in a free fall, yet somehow he still hasn’t crashed into the earth, which, if he was in a political free fall, he would have done three years ago.

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Irv P. writes:

Dirty Larry holding their feet to the fire again. “Well do ya punk?”

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