Another black riot, in Cleveland, and how its true racial nature was revealed by Twitter

The blogger Unamused at Unamusement Park saw one of your typical non-descriptive, affectless news stories about a raceless race riot by youths of unmentioned race this past Sunday, this one at the Coventry Street Arts Fair in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The article included a reference to the role played by social media in the planning and organization of the riot and quoted some raceless Twitter messages. Unamused by all this indirection, Unamused decided to look into the twitters (or “tweets”?) himself in order to find out what was really being said. He logged onto Twitter, searched for “coventry, black,” and found a full discussion, almost all of it by blacks who were upset about the behavior of their fellow blacks, covering the period leading up to the riot, the riot itself, and the aftermath, plus its racial nature, all of which was missing from the mainstream news coverage.

As some of his commenters indicate, Unamused’s experience shows that Twitter may be the source for real information not provided by our Pravda-like mainstream media.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 28, 2011 02:08 PM | Send

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