The catastrophe of liberal Christianity (which is universally endorsed by mainstream conservatives)

For newer readers who may not have seen it, I recommend my 2004 FrontPage Magazine article (part one, part two), “How liberal Christianity promotes open borders and one-worldism.”

I also recommend my related 2002 VFR article, “Pope John Paul II as the philosopher of neoconservatism,” and an expanded version of the same article posted in 2005, “Is the Pope a neocon?”

However, if you would prefer to read a shorter article that in a few paragraphs gets right to the heart of today’s liberal, man-centered Christianity (which spectacularly deluded conservatives call “conservative”), see my 2005 article, “John Paul II and the worship of secular man.” Here is a key passage:

In his first encyclical after becoming Pope, [John Paul II] repeated the theme of Gaudium et Spes, declaring that human nature has been permanently “divinized” by the advent of Christ.

But if human nature is divinized, then all people, including, of course, all Muslims, all Buddhists, all voodoo worshippers, and, most of all, all secular people, have divinized natures. They no longer need to follow Jesus to be saved, they no longer need to repent of their sins and turn toward God, they no longer need to participate in the sacraments, since “living man … man totally taken up with himself … man who makes himself God” is already divinized exactly as he is. The secular, in all its self-worshipping fullness, has become the divine.

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